Hopes & Dreams: A Man-Goyl Transformation

Poised at the beginning of this world's Industrial Revolution, two young farmers' sons set out to make new lives for themselves, but instead find living terror in the Goyl, and the Fairy magic that has gifted them a strange new power. Watch the spectacle:

Inside Cornelia's Notebooks

If, one day, you find yourself talking with Cornelia Funke, you'll likely find your eyes drawn to one of several A4 notebooks she carries with her—to events, to the beach, scattered around her home. Just looking at the covers, it's clear Cornelia is an artist of both words and images, and her doodled collages lend so much character to the notebooks in which she writes her stories.

Morry, The Book No One Ever Read - review

Morry, The Book No One Ever Read - review

"As Inkheart is a book about books, so is The Book No One Ever Read, a picture book filled with the same mystery, magic and humor of Inkheart, though less menacing, which makes it appropriate for younger readers. Published by her own publishing company, Breathing Books, Funke’s newest work features a book called Morry, short for Maurice Sendak. His face peers out from his cover, an homage to Where the Wild Things Are. Morry is a young book--hip with his red high-tops, smaller and thinner than the other books in the library. He’s different from them in another, more important way; he’s never been read." -Linda-Marie Barrett

Cornelia's Background Music

From corneliafunke.com - Many of Cornelia's readers ask what she listens to while she's building the magical worlds we've come to know at love. She recently responded with the following:

"Oh yes! There's almost always music playing while I'm writing or illustrating...for Inkheart, it was the music of the troubadours or music by Bach. Behind the mirrors, it is music from the 19th century - Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Beethoven. And I've just recently bought some Indian and Japanese music for [Reckless Book 4] The Islands of the Fox."

When writing, Cornelia enjoys listening to music from the period in which the story she's working on is set. Most of thM<e time, that's quite different than what she enjoys listening to when, say, driving her car. "Some of my favorite driving songs," she says, "Are, for example, by the Red Hot Chili Peppers."

Check out these playlists Cornelia made for us: one for writing the worlds we love to see from her, and one for when she's exploring this world!

Reckless Series/MirrorWorld Playlist:



* SOSPIRI by Cecilia Bartoli (Cecilia has been one of Cornelia's favorite opera singers for a long time)
* AIR ON A G STRING von David Russell

For Driving & Merriment, Cornelia's Wild Playlist:

* The National
* Alabama Shakes
* Radiohead
* Bon Iver
* Jeff Buckley
* Phosphorescent
* Rolling Stones
* Sufjan Stevens
* Frightened Rabbit
* Diana Krall
* James Blake
* Eels

* Patti Smith
* Lou Reed
* Red Hot Chili Peppers
* Counting Crows
* Damian Rice
* Patty Griffin
* Aretha Franklin
* Neil Young
* Paul Simon
* Ray LaMontagne
* Dire Straits

And last, but not least
* "Wild Thing" by The Troggs!

Who are your favorite bands to listen to?

Reckless App: Now for iPHONE!

We are SO excited to announce that the Reckless app is now available for iPhones as well as iPad! If you haven't already seen it, the Reckless app is an expansion on the Reckless series and includes fourteen new stories that take place behind the mirror!

We've put two of the Reckless app stories on YouTube, which you can view here and here, but many of the stories are interactive, and we're thrilled that more of you will be able to experience the full compendium!

FABER'S JOURNEY - Out in Germany!

From corneliafunke.com - Last year, the German publishing company Aladin published Fabers Schatz (Faber's Treasure), a picture book by Cornelia about the magic of the big, wide world, about friendship across cultures and home. This year, they're putting out the sequel.