New Year's Resolution-to-Read

At the beginning of the new year, it’s a time when many of us think about our goals, intentions, and plans for the next twelve months. While we’re not super into the resolution-making spirit (make changes & plan for growth whenever and however it works for you), there is one resolution we’d like to bring into the new year: reading more intentionally, more widely, and more inclusively.

So this next year, our resolution is to read at least three different books a month, and those books should differ in a few important ways:

  1. By genre - Maybe one month it’s two collections of poetry & a memoir, and another it’s a novel, a chapbook, and an essay collection. Reading across genre flexes different reading and creativity muscles for us—sometimes there’s a particular music of language, others, an excitement at learning something new. In the new year, we want to read stories, poems, essays, and books that bend genre (Bluets by Maggie Nelson is one great genre-bending book to re-read that’s on our list!)

  2. By perspective - Let’s be frank: historically, publishing (like many industries) has shut out some people, perspectives, and stories—due to race, sexuality, gender, religion, class, and more—and elevated others (typically white, straight-presenting, middle-to-upper class). Each month, we want to read three books with distinctly different, underrepresented perspectives.

If you make New Year’s resolutions, tell us yours in the comments!