Environmentalism Every Day

Last week, Cornelia posted on her website about releasing sea lions and seals back into the ocean with California Wildlife Center. Encouraging awareness and action for protecting the environment have been big priorities for Cornelia—from years of working with the Sierra Club, to founding her own land reserve & activism organization The Rim of Heaven—and rightly so! She talks about the importance of green initiatives and environmental activism in this blog post from World Environment Day in June:

If humans don’t stop pretending that we are more important than the environment, it shows how little we know about ourselves and about our environment. It shows that we have not understood how life works. If we destroy the environment, we destroy ourselves.

Did you know that an estimated 100 million birds die each year from plastic detritus (great word, bad stuff)? There are so many things small and large that we can do to help the environment, from reducing our use of disposable plastics, to supporting clean water initiatives and better environmental infrastructure.

And, if you love writing and telling stories like Cornelia, sometimes helping the environment can also mean writing more stories. Cornelia's follow-up to Dragon RiderDragon Rider: The Griffin's Feather is rich with her love of the environment. Our friends in the U.K. have had the sequel to Dragon Rider since last summer, but this month it's making it's way across the pond! A U.S. edition of Dragon Rider: The Griffin's Feather will fly into bookstores by the end of this month, right after The Wild Chicks.

In The Griffin's Feather, Ben and his friends discover what may be the last Pegasus in existence. But! The legendary flying horse has three unhatched eggs with him, and the only way they'll ever hatch—and continue the survival of this incredible magical species—is to place them under a griffin's feather. So Ben sets off on an adventure to save the Pegasus eggs. 

While we may not have found the last living Pegasus, there are many animals in our world who are also facing extinction. North American wolf populations have only just begun to come back to non-endangered levels, but Congress, as well as members of the cabinet and the EPA, are working to legalize shooting wolves with pups (and bears with cubs) in their dens. African elephants are being born without tusks at such an increased rate—in some places, 98% of female elephants now have no tusks, where the standard average should be 2-6% of tusk-less female elephants—as to become dependent on humans (without tusks, elephants are unable to dig for food and water, to uproot trees in search of food, and to defend themselves against predators). We're losing bees and pollinators at rates we haven't been able to definitively explain, due to light pollution, radio waves, and perhaps more. Like some the magical creatures in the world of Dragon Rider, many creatures in our world face extinction, shrinking habitats, and health risks because of human impact to their environments.

Try committing today to just two environmental initiatives--we're committing to use only reusable water bottles, and to calling our representatives to oppose loosening hunting restrictions. What will you do?