Meet the Wild Chicks: Freya

Freya and Charlie are, as the saying goes, thicker than thieves. Starting the Wild Chicks may have been Charlie’s idea, but would the girl gang really have formed without Freya? Charlie’s best friend, and connection to Melanie and Trudie, Freya’s open, and a bit more quiet and thoughtful than her best friend.

Freya’s the girl who’s already friends with each of Wild Chicks, and who brings them all together when Charlie’s prickly nature flares, pushing the others away. She already knows Melanie and Trudie through her their families, and is happy to invite them to be a part of the gang, encouraging Charlie to see past her misgivings.

It’s also Freya who encourages the fifth Wild Chick, Wilma, to join the gang, pushing Charlie to be more open to new members because she’s thinking of their feelings. While she and Charlie fight occasionally, as many friends do, Freya’s more conflict-averse than her somewhat hot-headed best friend. She often helps smooth feathers and diffuse small conflicts within the gang, and even between the Chicks and their rival gang—she’s more likely to support a truce with the Pygmies than going to war with them.

A generous soul, she frequently helps Charlie with the Grandma Stalberg’s chore lists, even though she also has her own chores. Freya’s family life is full, with an elder brother, and a baby brother who her parents often expect her to take care of. While Charlie’s been known to raise objections to the unfair division of baby-care labor, Freya generally says she doesn’t mind (except changing full nappies, but even the nicest human minds that!).