Independent Bookstore Day 2019

Our favorite April weekend is almost here! Independent Bookstore Day takes place each year on the last Saturday in April, making April 27th the official #IndieBookstoreDay2019!

This year, the entire bookish community is celebrating the 5th annual Independent Bookstore Day, with over 500 bookstores across the United States hosting different parties, readings, promotions, and other events. Bookstores will also have exclusive #IBD2019 swag—earlier years have featured exclusive items from Roxane Gay, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, and hundreds of other authors.

During the 2018 festivities, indie bookstores hosting a variety of #IBD2018 events—including concerts and literary dance parties!—and other stores focused on drawing attention to literacy initiatives, environmental causes, and civil rights activism.

As of April 2019, an estimated 580 U.S. independent bookstores plan to take part in Independent Bookstore Day festivities. Participating bookstores can be found through this interactive map. Several cities with thriving indie bookstore communities and multiple bookstores are offering unique promotions to readers who check in at multiple stores throughout the day. If you live in a city with multiple indie bookstores like San Francisco, Chicago, or Boston (or a state like Rhode Island, where local indies are celebrating with a Rhode Island IBD Passport!), check the bookstores listed to see what fun #IBD events are taking place near you!