Bookish Halloween Costumes

If you're like us, you've waited until the last minute to come up with the perfect Halloween costume this weekend because you've been too busy reading a new novel or an old favorite. Fear not! We've whipped up some ideas for turning into your favorite Cornelia Funke characters into a great Halloween outfit!

Jacob Reckless

The most reckless treasure hunter on either side of the mirror! We know Jacob dresses well, even if he constantly has to have his clothes mended from thorn-tears and rapier slides. Wear a light button-down shirt with dark fitted pants and sturdy boots. For a fancier look, add an embroidered vest like the one gifted to him by former Queen Therese of Austry. And don't forget a pouch or bag for the treasure you're hunting!


Where would Jacob be without Fox? Obviously an ideal character for redheads. Simply red- and orange-toned shift dresses would be great renditions of the fur dress Fox wears, or you can adapt Jacob's basic costume by tucking in the shirt and adding a satchel for the fur dress (since it never leaves Fox's side!). If you're talented at makeup application, that would also have some fun possibilities!

Dark Fairy

Cornelia's Fairies, with their gauzy moth webs and penchant for long, water-logged dresses, make for wonderful characters to dress up as indeed. And if you want to go darker, fancier, or just downright more imposing, who better to imitate than the Dark Fairy? Try a long, dark green dress and hair pinned up (bonus points for pins that look like moths!).

A Wild Chick

A Wild Chick costume is perfect for millennials or Gen X-ers who dig nostalgic costumes. Since the Wild Chicks grew up in the early 90s, being one of them is the perfect lazy costume! To be Charlie (or someone like her), try light-wash mom jeans, an oversized patterned sweater, natural hair and a feather on a cord. If you're more inclined towards Melanie's character, try a shift dress, Mary Janes, and don't forget the nail polish!

If you were going to dress up as one of Cornelia's characters, who would you be?