Helping Families Rebuild After the California Fires

Thousands of people across both Southern and Northern California have been affected by the recent wildfires and, as firefighters continue to fight some fires, elsewhere people have begun to return to their homes.

As we think about the Thanskgiving holiday this week, we’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude for the basics: safety, shelter, the health of our friends, coworkers, and chosen family. In light of all those for whom these basics are now uncertain, we wanted to provide a few resources and ways to support the ongoing efforts across our state to provide food, shelter, and clothing to those who have been displaced.

According to the New York Times and the Center for International Disaster Information, sending money is almost always the most efficient way to send aid to those affected by disasters, which is why we’ve put together a list of a few great nonprofits and foundations that are using donations effectively to direct resources to those who need them most.

For more information about great, reputable charities, Charity Navigator is an excellent resource.

In Cornelia’s update this week, she talks about visiting to the Malibu coastline with her dogs for the first time since the evacuation. To everyone who’s reached out with well wishes and concern— thank you. We’ll continue to post updates as we know more, and all of us at Breathing Books hope that she, the rest of the Malibutians, and everyone displaced in the past few weeks, are able to return home soon.

Wishing everyone, around the world, a peaceful week and happy holiday season.