Cornelia's Lost Story

from the archives: Once upon a time, Cornelia drew her first illustrated story...and the publishers turned it down! They thought some of her illustrations were too creep! (Do you think they might regret that now?) 

Cornelia says it may have had to do with the eyes of her characters; for some, their eyes were all black, like charcoal, to express the characters' anger or sadness. The dark eyes, the publishers said, might scare children too much.

The Story of Bo, Milan, Furry Guy and Isolde, as it was called, is set on a farm with a huge muck heap. Bo is a young rabbit who hates his real name—Bogomil—so he goes by the nickname 'Bo' (like the young hero of The Thief Lord!). 

The story begins when Bo, returning to the small farm from vacation, finds no one there except his father. Bo's father tells Bo about a tremendous idea he has...except Bo soon finds out that this particular idea is all but tremendous! In fact, it spoils everyone's mood and gives them all a hard time...

Joining the adventure are Milan, another rabbit-friend of Bo's, Bo's dog Furry Guy, and Bo's favorite hen, Isolde. Cornelia handwrote and illustrated the story with pen-and-ink drawings, and bound the pages in a blue paperback.


What's your favorite of Cornelia's stories?


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