Covers From Around the World

Did you know Cornelia's books are read across the world, in over 40 languages? She keeps copies of all her favorite covers. Here are just a few!


01_Inkheart Mexico.JPG


or Corazon de Tinta, from Mexico

01_Inkheart Italy.JPG


Cuore D'inchiostro from Italy

01_TheMoonshineDragon Denmark.JPG

The Moonshine Dragon

from Denmark

01_Reckless Croatia.JPG


from Croatia

01_Reckless brazil.JPG

Reckless: The Petrified Flesh

from Brazil

01_TheThiefLord Iceland.JPG

The Thief Lord

from Iceland

01_Dragonrider China.JPG

Dragon Rider

from China

01_Dragonrider Turkey.JPG

Dragon Rider

from Turkey

01_GhostKnight Italy.JPG

Ghost Knight

from Italy

01_GhostKnight Sweden.JPG

Ghost Knight

from Sweden

What's your favorite of Cornelia's covers?