Dragons Incoming!

There will be dragons in 2019! If you’ve visited the Writing Barn lately, you may have noticed that Cornelia’s January to-do list includes “Dragon Rider book 3”, so it seems like Ben and Firedrake may be flying into a new adventure! Perhaps a MIMAMEIDR effort to combat climate change, or another race to save an endangered magical creature? We’re excited to find out where they travel next!

The cover of a Chinese translation of Dragon Rider.

While it’s too early to say when the third Dragon Rider book will be published, there will be new Dragon Rider stories in 2019—an animated film called Dragon Rider, based on the first book in the series, will be out this fall, and is one of the biggest European animation projects in recent times.

The film’s voice cast features a talented list of actors, including Felicity Jones, Patrick Stewart, and Freddie Highmore.