Some of Our Favorite Book Covers

Cornelia's books have been translated into so many languages and editions—which means lots of different designs for book covers! This week, we're looking back on a few of our favorites.


Inkdeath, UK

This limited-edition of Inkdeath—and the entire InkWorld series—is one of our all-time favorites. The detailed, raised scrollwork on the cover, the monochromatic red's a cover design that matches the sprawling fantasy of the series!


Ghost Knight, Italy

This story was inspired by a trip Cornelia took to Salisbury. The Italian cover is reminiscent of Sleepy Hollow, but the ghost on the cover certainly looks like it could come barreling over the countryside!


Inkheart, Germany

This cover also evokes an antique, hardbound book—it looks like it'd be at home on any bookshelf from this century, or the 19th!


Dragon Rider, Germany

This cover was designed by our very own Mat Cullen, with Ben and Sorrel peeking over Firedrake's back!


Reckless Series, US

Of course the Reckless covers make our list! The concept for the Reckless series covers was one of the first Breathing Books projects, starting with Reckless: The Golden Yarn! We just love the colors, and the accent details—if you look closely, you'll see a golden yarn hanging in the trees.

Thanks to so many of our wonderful readers for tagging us in your #bookstagrams!