In The Works...

We know many readers are excitedly awaiting new stories by Cornelia—whether it’s the fourth book in the Reckless series, book 3 of the Dragon Rider series, or the novelization of Pan’s Labyrinth coming out this summer—so here’s the latest writing news!

If you follow The Barn Times already, you probably already know that Cornelia’s preferred method of writing involves working on multiple projects at once! This month is no different; Cornelia’s to-do list includes working on the third book in the Dragon Rider series, and on her fourth revision of book four in the Reckless series. Drafting novels takes multiple rounds of editing, which can mean several hand-written drafts followed by several types drafts as Cornelia polishes the story, often with input from editors (like her daughter, Anna!).

Pan’s Labyrinth, co-written by Cornelia and director Guillermo del Toro, will hit bookshelves on July 2nd. In addition to the retelling of del Toro’s 2006 film, the novelization also includes a handful of short stories that expand different corners of the original narrative, providing backgrounds on some of the story’s strange characters, charged objects, and more...

And, if you’re just aching for another great book of fantasy or magical realism while waiting for these novels, might we suggest a few amazing titles?

  • The Rules of Magic — The prequel to Alive Hoffman’s Practical Magic, this is one story we keep re-reading for the pleasure of it’s dreamy, fable-like language and unique, incomparable characters.

  • The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin — A novel about four siblings who sneak out to hear their fortunes, and in doing so (maybe) set the future in motion, The Immortalists explores the decades after their fateful psychic revelations. Reading it brings up all sorts of interesting questions about destiny, choice, mysticism, belief, and the stories we tell ourselves.

  • A Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez — This classic is being adapted to the silver screen for the first time, and it’s worth savoring every word of this sprawling, rich story before watching the series.