Stones of the Goyl

If you've read the Reckless series, then you're familiar with one of the MirrorWorld's unique peoples: men made of stone known as the Goyl. But do you know what these different stones mean? Semi-precious stones like carnelian, jasper, and moonstone offer connection to the Earth, and some people use these symbolic crystals to manifest intentions.

Check out some of the meanings of some of the different stones found in this world, and behind the mirror:

Amethyst - In the Reckless series, female Goyl are streaked with amethyst. Amethyst is the enhances spiritual qualities and is often associated with the development of intuition, and protection around emotional patterns and behaviors. 

Bloodstone - Bloodstone is associated with strength, courage, purification, and vitality. Ancient Greeks and Romans were known to wear bloodstone amulets during athletic competitions, since it was said to boost endurance and increase physical strength.

Carnelian - It makes sense that Kami'en, the King of the Goyl, is a carnelian Goyl, since the stone encourages courage, vitality, physical strength like bloodstone, but also confidence, action, & fortification. In ancient Rome, carnelian was thought to bring prosperity to the wearers.

Garnet - The word 'garnet' comes from the Latin word for pomeganate, granatum, since it resembles the deep red of the fruit. Garnets are often associated with loving relationships, and are said to promote grounding, emotional healing, self-worth, and a sense of security.

Jade - Jade is a powerful stone of that symbolizes health & abundance. It's said to bring good luck, prosperity, and positive energy, which makes sense as it's the holy stone of the Goyl. Jake is said to promote the flow of money, and it stimulates flow of energy in the body.

Jasper - Hentzau, the jasper Goyl, is a powerful support to his king, which makes sense given that jasper is a stone believed to lend support in times of stress. It's a stone of physical energy and balance, and is said to nurture and strengthen the physical body. 

Malachite - Malachite is a transformative stone that promotes enlightened leadership, creativity and confidence. It's a stone commonly associated with protection and restful sleep; in the Middle Ages, malachite was often worn to protect against the evil eye, perhaps in part because of the eye-like whorls in this bright green stone.


A handful of stones...

Dalmation jasper, Moonstone, and Citrine

Moonstone - Like the moonstone Goyl who often spy for Kami'en, moonstone is a crystal associated with mystery and intuition. But, like the moon, moonstone is also often associated with feminine energy, insight, and dreams. It's connected to self-discovery and encourages attention to cycles of life, letting go of frustration, and surrender to natural process.

Onyx - Onyx is a stone that symbolizes focused attention, willpower, self-mastery, and discipline. While the onyx Goyl behind the mirror may share those traits, onyx also helps calm nerves and hot tempers, and promotes grounding...although perhaps Nerron's short temper might benefit from meditation on the stone! 

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