Dragon Rider

Dragons Incoming!

There will be dragons in 2019! If you’ve visited the Writing Barn lately, you may have noticed that Cornelia’s January to-do list includes “Dragon Rider book 3”, so it seems like Ben and Firedrake may be flying into a new adventure! And, While it’s too early to say when the third Dragon Rider book will be published, there will be new Dragon Rider stories in fall 2019—an animated film called Dragon Rider, based on the first book in the series!


Cornelia's long-awaited sequel to Dragon Rider has flown into bookstores in the U.S. and Canada. After over a decade, Ben, Firedrake, and friends old and new are back, and part of FREEFAB, a conversation organization that aids magical creatures and the humans who love them. 

Environmentalism Every Day

Did you know that an estimated 100 million birds die each year from plastic detritus (great word, bad stuff)? There are so many things small and large that we can do to help the environment, from reducing our use of disposable plastics, to supporting clean water initiatives and better environmental infrastructure.