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Throwback: BNOER events

It's hard to believe that it's been over a year since we were travelling up and down the West Coast reading THE BOOK NO ONE EVER READ. Cornelia loved introducing Morry to kids (and readers of all ages!) from Los Angeles, to San Francisco, to Portland.

In San Francisco, Cornelia read to a rapt multi-lingual audience on a toadstool at Charlie's Corner. In Manhattan Beach, we sat on the library floor with a bunch of youngsters, and Cornelia drew book animals like the ones peppering the pages! 

What's your favorite children's story?

Morry, The Book No One Ever Read - review

Morry, The Book No One Ever Read - review

"As Inkheart is a book about books, so is The Book No One Ever Read, a picture book filled with the same mystery, magic and humor of Inkheart, though less menacing, which makes it appropriate for younger readers. Published by her own publishing company, Breathing Books, Funke’s newest work features a book called Morry, short for Maurice Sendak. His face peers out from his cover, an homage to Where the Wild Things Are. Morry is a young book--hip with his red high-tops, smaller and thinner than the other books in the library. He’s different from them in another, more important way; he’s never been read." -Linda-Marie Barrett

FABER'S JOURNEY - Out in Germany!

From - Last year, the German publishing company Aladin published Fabers Schatz (Faber's Treasure), a picture book by Cornelia about the magic of the big, wide world, about friendship across cultures and home. This year, they're putting out the sequel.