The Thief Lord on stage in Dresden!

The story of Prosper and Bo is taking place on stage this holiday season in Dresden, Germany. If you're in the area, it's sure to be an excellent performance at Staatsschauspiel Dresden. The pictures make us want to hop on a plane immediately!

The Thief Lord follows orphans Prosper and Bo through the gray alleyways of Venice, where they stumble upon the mysterious Thief Lord and join the ragtag group of children under the Thief Lord's protection. Cornelia Funke's award-winning classic children's book celebrates childhood in all its facets: with adults who would like to be children again, and children who want nothing more than to grow up as quickly as possible. Full of imagination and excitement, the children in The Thief Lord may just have to decide whether, if they really want to grow up, they could give up their childhood friendships, hopes, and dreams.

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