Throwback! The Original Wild Chicks

This weekend, we found copies of the original, German editions of The Wild Chicks series on one of Cornelia's many bookshelves, and wanted to show them to you before The Wild Chicks and The Wild Chicks: Class Trip come out here in the US and Canada!

Cornelia illustrated these covers and the pages inside the German editions with her own drawings. She created The Wild Chicks series after her editor...well, we'll let you read the story as she tells it, herself!

I love to write fantasy, so why did I ever write girls’ books (which I never read when I was young)? Because one day my editor said: “Cornelia, would you write a book without dragons or fairies for a change?”
“Why?” I responded. “That would be terribly boring.”
“Please try. Just one,” she said.
So I sat down, and the Wild Chicks were born. Soon I got letters like: “Please Cornelia! Make the world a better place! Write another Wild Chicks book!” or “When I get sad, I just have to touch the Wild Chicks book I keep under my pillow.” Those letters were so irresistible that I wrote another and another and another…eventually, they were turned into movies in Germany and, when I do events, young German women come up to me and whisper: “I was a Wild Chick. Thank you!”
I wonder what American girls will think of these books—there are no mobile phones, and my heroines are done with school by 2 pm at the latest. They are all Northern German by descent, which was the reality of the small suburban towns I grew up in during the eighties, but luckily I’ve learned that most readers find something of themselves in one—or all!—of the girls, no matter their background, race, or sexuality, which is once again proof that we are all not that different. If my stories remind some readers of that truth, my job as a writer is done.

What do you think about these beautiful covers?