Welcome...to the Writing Barn

Cornelia’s writing website recently got a makeover, and the Writing House has officially transformed into the Writing Barn!

Welcome to…the Writing Barn!

Welcome to…the Writing Barn!

The original Writing House website was based on the separate writing house Cornelia had when her family first moved to Los Angeles, detached from the rest of the house. We can certainly see the benefits of a separate creative space! Then, in 2016, Cornelia moved to a small house in the Malibu mountains, and the Writing House website got spruced up to better reflect her new writing space.

Now, Cornelia’s moved again! This time, she’s living on an avocado farm in Malibu, and likes to write in the old barn just a short walk from her front porch. So the Writing House has become the Writing Barn!

There’s a bathroom, a bed, an old rocking chair, a sofa, a coffee table, and the old workbench that now serves as Cornelia’s desk. The caffettiera starts bubbling on the hot plate, reminding Cornelia of the time when she lived in a small Italian village. Jake and Tabby are stretched out on the cool concrete floor, and Cornelia sits down in front of her notebook, sketchbook, or laptop and starts writing…or illustrating.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new look—we’ve rearranged a little, with places for your stories, pictures of our furry friends, as well as momentos from different adventures through the years…plus of course Cornelia’s books and writing life updates. Be sure to leave us a note at the Barn!